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Litov, Kamen

[judge.address] 40 Chehov str., 1113 Sofia
[judge.country] Bulgaria
[judge.born] 1952
[judge.phone-mobile] +359878844306
[judge.email] k.litov@gmail.com
[judge.number] 15727
[judge.languages] Croatian, English, German, Russian
[judge.belongs-to-country] Bulgaria ([judge.written-permission-required])
[judge.first-authorized] 1994
[judge.is-national] [common.no]
[judge.championship-level] International
[judge.kennel-name] v. Haus Kalia
[judge.breeder-of] German shepherd dog
[judge.general-info] Kamen Litov realizes that cynology is his life in 1963. In 1991 he establishes the first German shepherd breed club in Bulgaria - "Bulgarian Union for German shepherd dogs" and for 20 years now he is the only President. He is owner and breeder of German shepherds with the kennel name "Haus Kalia". In 2002 he becomes President of Bulgarian Republican Federation of Cynology. Kamen Litov successfully work in both directions - as leader and judge and he regularly take part in different cynological activities like club, national and international dog shows all over the world. Up to now he has been judging in many European countries, Asia and South America, also at some European and World dog shows under the aegis of FCI.
Suspended [judge.suspended-from.undefined] - until further notice
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