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Personal information

Ballardini, Patricia

Address 7 Grande Rue, 10410 Ruvigny
Country France
Birth date
Private phone +33.325815000
Work phone
Mobile phone -
Email patricia.ballardini@gmail.com
Additional information
Judge number 16910
Spoken languages French
Authorised in France
First authorised in 2013
National judge No
Countries judged in
Kennel name de la Loge des Chevaliers d'Orient
Breeder of
General information
FCI Group Authorized for FCI group(s)

FCI Group Authorized for breed(s) FCI number
8 American Cocker Spaniel 167
8 Clumber Spaniel 109
8 English Cocker Spaniel 5
8 English Springer Spaniel 125
8 Field Spaniel 123
8 Irish water spaniel 124
8 Sussex Spaniel 127
8 Welsh springer spaniel 126