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Kuzelj, Denis

[judge.address] 40B, Anton Pavlovich Chehov str. , 1113 Sofia
[judge.country] Bulgaria
[judge.born] 1965
[judge.phone-mobile] +38640546750
[judge.email] kuzelj.denis@gmail.com
[judge.number] 15957
[judge.languages] English, French, Italian, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish
[judge.belongs-to-country] Bulgaria (Written permission required)
[judge.first-authorized] 1991
National judge [common.no]
[judge.championship-level] International
[judge.kennel-name] Apsala
[judge.breeder-of] Old English sheepdog, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
[judge.general-info] Denis Kuzelj entered in kynology in 1984, 25 years ago. His career started with exhibiting and breeding Old English Sheepdogs under prefix Apsala and his B.I.S. dogs won many National and International titles. Since 1989 he was organizer and Chairman of more than 50 International and National all breed shows in Slovenia and he earned the reputation of the remarkable progress of dog shows in Slovenia and also the fact that Slovenia will be the first time organizer of European FCI dog show in 2010. For its work he has been awarded by Hungarian, Slovakian and Bulgarian Kennel Clubs. For many years Denis has been treasurer of Slovenian Kennel Club, member of board and President of Slovenian Kennel from 2004 to 2008. Since 2009 is he is an active FCI International judge of Bulgarian Kennel Club - BRKF and organizer of many dog shows in different European countries. He is also an official FCI supervisor and delegate at European Dog Show in Leuweerden in Nederland 2012, and European Dog Show in Bucharest in Romania 2013. Mr. Kuzelj has been invited and judged in all FCI European countries, Northern and Southern America, Australia, Africa and Asia, as well as taking part in several FCI European and World dog shows. He is qualified to judge all breeds from all FCI Groups. During his career he judged many speciality shows in Collies, Bearded Collies, Old English Sheepdogs, different Toy breeds and Poodles, as well as Nordic breeds and Retrievers and Spaniels. His actual breed today is Cavalier King Charles spaniel .
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