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Agne-Draudsin, Ulrike

[judge.address] 7 Library Ramp, Gx11Aa Gibraltar
[judge.country] Gibraltar
[judge.born] 1968
[judge.phone-mobile] 003511960174715
[judge.email] uli@sunsetters.de
[judge.number] 15672
[judge.belongs-to-country] Gibraltar
[judge.first-authorized] 2010
[judge.is-national] [common.no]
[judge.championship-level] Gibraltar,Germany,Finland
[judge.kennel-name] Sunsetters
[judge.breeder-of] Gordon Setters
[judge.general-info] Mrs Agne-Draudsin has been involved with setters since 1998. Having bred and shown all four types of setters, in recent years her activity is focused on the Gordon Setter. Nevertheless, she has made up champions in all four types of setters and enjoys the working side of setters too.
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7 English Pointer 1
7 English Setter 2
7 Gordon Setter 6
7 Irish red and white Setter 330
7 Irish red Setter 120